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The Definition of Winning

September 27, 2017Blog

posted by Voravee Ruengaramrut

Author: Shoma Okamoto



In general business scenes, there are some requirements to be a strong organization.

Basically, we can recognize the strong organizations based on their performance, their strategies, or their success of employer brand and so on.

However, all the factors have identified the success in the external part but to win does not mean only win the external. We need to keep our shared values in mind as it is our standpoint. Without clear understanding from inside, how outside will understand.


What is “The definition of Winning“?

We cannot deny that “Vision” and “Mission” are significant for all organizations. Lack of both mean lack of direction. However, nowadays, there are various of organizations that have both visions and missions but still unclear on how to measure and how to makes vision and mission to be the actions.


That’s the reason why the definition of winning becomes the important key.

Create the definition of winning will bring up the precise purpose of organization’s visions and missions.

Visions and missions might sound like something in the air but when it comes to what should be achieved in business to make you win that the time that vision and mission come to the actions.

So, Actions can make the next move for organization’s plans, which are short-term and long-term goals and strategies.

Besides from above, actions speak louder than words, not only the organization can gain the goals and strategies for winning in the market but the clearer messages will be delivered to members of the organization, which can help everyone understand and take the actions align with organization’s vision and mission. 


What will happen, if your organization did not have the definition of win? 

First, you will be easily driven by short-term issues, and of course, you will not see the long-term plan clearly since you focus only current issues.

To have our definition clearer is not only for a long-term viewpoint but it will help us to see the external factors or challenges clearer, which will be supported us in terms of adaptability as same as increasing the level of innovation and differentiation that we can provide to answer and be the leader in the market.


Let’s review the definition of Winning in your organization to make a stronger organization today.

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