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Thai-Japanese Cross Cultural Leadership Training for Aisin AI (Thailand)

March 29, 2016Project

posted by Suphamas Sanphawat

On 11 March 2016, Asian Identity Co., Ltd. provide 1 day Thai-Japanese Cross Cultural Leadership Training for Aisin AI (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The participants are mixed nationalities between Thai and Japanese in managerial levels. 


Two main facilitators for this workshop are Ms.Krittinee Pongthanalert, a partnered instructor from Chulalongkorn University and Mr.Katsuhiro Nakamura, CEO&Founder of Asian Identity Co., Ltd. 

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The main purpose of workshop is to gain understanding levels of cultural awareness between two nationalities in order to work together better. While each staffs has realise and open-mindedly sharing about their opinions during workshop they naturally comprehended each other by the lead of facilitators discussion and explanation. 



Asian Identity Co., Ltd. has led the workshop with variety contents and stimulating case study which easy for every participants to understand. Following with key culture related contents which clearly bring the mutual understanding to every participants. Including discussion and sharing idea session, ice-breaking activity and fun quizzes that create fun atmosphere to the workshop.

From final summary, the consequence of this workshop is every participants have raised their level of mutual understanding of Aisin AI working culture between two different cultures finer. 

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