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Team Building Workshop for CMC Asia Pacific

December 23, 2014Project

posted by Jack Nakamura

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Asian Identity provided Team Building Workshop for CMC AP. The aims are to make CMC AP staffs understand the CMC way, and able to localized CMC way into effective practices for this region.

Photo 12-19-2557 BE, 9 45 02 AMAfter analyzing CMC Asia Pacific with one of our survey tool, Organization Identity Survey (OIS), CMC AP realized that working efficiency is where there is room for improvement. The main reasons are lack of understanding in the philosophy of CMC way, and team communication. After months of discussion between Asian Identity and CMC AP’s top executives, we decided to take actions by using this workshop as the solution to this needs.

Photo 12-19-2557 BE, 4 41 13 PMTwo main methods are utilized in this workshop to maximize learning effectiveness. “Lego Serious Play” was used to help CMC AP staffs discussed seriously in an enjoyable manners, and case studies discussion was used to help them see a clearer picture on how CMC way is implanted in their daily routine. 

The feedback of this workshop was well received as participants felt they have a stronger bond among themselves which will allow them to communicate effectively even though many of them have different backgrounds, also a stronger purpose and thinking process in CMC way.

Photo 12-19-2557 BE, 5 16 30 PM

As of now, Asian Identity is continuously supporting CMC AP to shape better human resource system, helping CMC AP ready for 2015 and afterwards.

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Mr.Surathin Sathitlert, managing director of GemWhy Consulting, supported Mr.Katsuhiro Nakamura, CEO of Asian Identity, in this workshop, with Mr.Pongsakorn Chanchaisrisakul, consultant from Asian Identity as a translator.

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