Thiranart Napapruekchart

Senior Consultant
Bridging Thai and Japanese cultures to create happy workplace

Thiranart believes in creating harmonic, understanding and happy will unlock the potential and motivation of all members. 

 At Saha Pathana Inter-holding, Thiranart worked extensively on supporting and establishing Thai-Japanese joint-venture projects in Thailand as an investment analyst and managerial trouble-shooter for JV companies. She took roles to bridge the understanding gap and fuel the cooperation between Japanese and Thai counter-parties – from companies, executives to staff levels.

Thiranart was also experienced in wide range of industry and business analysis from working for Thai leading credit rating agency, TRIS Rating, and specialized in economic research. 

She graduated in M.A. Economics from Hitotsubashi University in Japan with Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho Scholarship). She was also granted Asian Youth Fellowship Program Scholarship to study Japanese languages, together with cross-cultural activities with diverse members from ASEAN countries, Bangladesh and Japan in Osaka. She earned her Bachelor degree in Economics from Thammasat University, Thailand.

Thiranart is Japanese culture lover, amateur watercolor painters and part-time life observers.