Katsuhiro Nakamura

We believe human resources in Asia have limitless capabilities

Jack Nakamura has strong passion for improving Asian business operating in Asia. He’s an experienced consultant in human resource consulting field, and also in sales and marketing.

Started his first job at Nestle, he dealt with business sections of Nescafe, MILO, Maggi, and other well-known brands.

From 2005 to 2010, he worked as a consultant at Link and Motivation Inc., a human resource consulting firm in Tokyo. At his time there, he had much experiences contributing to the evaluation of organizations, revision of organizational cultures, human resources development, research, as well as various other projects. He also was in charge of consulting work in the area of brand marketing in conjunction with M&A of brand management businesses.

In 2010, he moved to GLOBIS, the largest MBA school in Japan, and was put in charge of establishing a new branch in Singapore as the Chief Consultant of GLOBIS ASIA PACIFIC (Singapore). Based in Singapore, he provided talent management services in ASEAN region, and human resource services in support of local organizations. He was also in charge of operations in Thailand and in 2014 it became independent.

Apart from his work, he’s also a guest lecturer on Japanese Leadership at the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, a Thai-Japanese university in Bangkok.

Nakamura was born in Japan, and graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Studies of Sophia University in Tokyo. He lives in Bangkok and has 2 children.