Asian Identity | Human Resource Coounsulting Firm

Asian Identity provides various workshops and training related to HRD (Human Resource Development) and OD (Organizational Development), with 4 uniquenesses.

Our Service

  1. Cutting-edge Solutions: With combined knowledge from Asian and Western countries, we provide original yet innovative contents which are localized for Asian business context.
  2. Strong Local Network: Our partnership with front-line business professionals allows us to cover various organizational issues including human resources, sales and marketing, strategic planning.
  3. Multilingual Services: We understand the importance of learning effectiveness. By providing the flexibility of language for our clients, we can maximize the learning effectiveness for our clients.
  4. Bridging HR and Management: We connect human resources with the company’s goal. Our services are design based on our client’s long-term strategy with the aim to improve business performance.

As the saying goes “Change comes from within”, our methodology is based on non-verbal approach. Participants will learn through their 5 senses, resulting in deep understanding of the discussed issues and actionable conclusion.

All services are provided by experienced facilitators who’s working with or working for multinational companies, and aim to deliver results for your company.

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