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Public Seminar: “How to Penetrate Candidate’s REAL – Evidence Based Interview 101″

November 17, 2016News & Event

posted by Thiranart Napapruekchart


Asian Identity, together with TalentEx, had successfully held a public seminar on recruitment technique, under the title of “How to Penetrate Candidate’s REAL – Evidence Based Interview 101″ on October 20-21, 2016 at Asian Identity’s MIRAI Room. The seminar was held in three session – two Japanese language sessions and one Thai session with Thai-Japanese interpreter. The three sessions were highly interested by both Japanese entrepreneurs, management, recruitment officers and Thai HR professionals, with more than 70 participants.

Voices from Participants:

“Open the new perspectives on how the real interview should be.”

“Mr.Sowa’s techniques are every valuable, practical and can be adapted into real interview right away.”

“These interview techniques from Mr.Sowa and Panelists aren’t only necessary to the HR officer, but also very crucial for managers and executives to know as well.”


For this special seminar, Asian Identity and TalentEx had invited Mr.Toshimitsu Sowa, CEO and Founder of Talented People Laboratory Inc. from Japan, to give a special lecturer to share with us the crucial psychological interview technique of “Evidence Based Interview”.
Mr.Sowa is a veteran recruitment psychologist and HR expertise with more than 20,000 candidates interviews experiences as General Manager of Human Resource at Recruit, a leading recruitment consultant and agent firm in Japan. He has developed a well-known “Platinum Recruitment” method to hire candidates “one rank higher”


Together with the special lecture on the recruitment and interview technique, Mr.Toshimizu Sowa also joined our special panel discussion as panelist together with Mr.Katsuhiro Nakamura, CEO&Founder, Asian Identity Co.,Ltd., and Mr.Yojiro Koshi, CEO&Founder, TalentEx (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Our Asian Identity’s Mr.Nakamura is HRD expertist and providing consultant in human resources management and development for more than 10 years. He has strong believes in potential of Asian people and the important of recruitment stage. He has founded own mixed team of Japanese and Thai HRD consultants in Thailand as Asian Identity. His expertise covers evaluation of organizations, revision of organizational cultures, as well as various fields in human resources development for ASEAN and Japanese companies.

From TalentEx, Mr.Yojiro Koshi, is a founder of Social Recruiting platform “JobTalents” in Thailand.
His working belief are based mainly on “Who” do you working with. “Who” will influences how your team work, its ideas and executions. His passion is to empower the ASEAN with opportunities generated by combining “IT” and “Job” together. He’s always looking forwards to build more stronger and bigger team with Thai people!


The seminar contents covered in-depths topics regarding how to construct the interview to get the truth and know the “real” person of our candidates, and why we need to pay important to it.
Mr.Sowa’s lectures covered from the real difficulties of interview activities, the effect of bias and per-assumption on interview results and how to avoid, Evidence Based Interview thinking and technique, and many more. The panel discussion from our expertise starting from the discussion on how interviewing Asian candidates different from Japanese candidates, what are important facts that we should know/extract from our candidates, more thinking behind the effective recruitment. 

More information about this Asian Identity Public Seminar 2016 Series: >> “How to Penetrate Candidate’s REAL – Evidence Based Interview 101″ <<

Asian Identity also provide Recruitment Technique workshop for internal corporate training, and also the consulting services on recruitment strategy and competency-based screening as well. The recruitment technique workshop is one-day workshop (customized upon request) and includes crucial interview techniques and what interviewers need to know and look in to their candidates for the right and effective recruitment. How to recruit and select the candidate that not only match the job, but the corporate culture and value as well. Because we believe that the sustainable corporate culture is starting from the recruitment process!

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