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Myanmar Brewery – “Myanmar Champion” Project

August 26, 2016Project

posted by Jack Nakamura

Myanmar is one of the most interesting emerging markets in the world due to the number of its population. Many regional and international players from various industries are going in to obtain not only the share of market in their field, but also the share of heart and the share of mind.

With more than 20 years of history, Myanmar Brewery Limited (MBL), a company currently co-owned by Kirin Holdings Singapore and The Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings, has been one of the earliest and the largest beer companies in Myanmar. With its flagship beer brand, Myanmar Beer, owning more than 70% of beer market share in Myanmar, this beer brand certainly is a household name when it comes to Myanmar domestic beer market.

As the dominant player in Myanmar domestic beer market, MBL aims to secure their top position by creating a new corporate philosophy, protecting its position from Western beer giants. This philosophy project is called “The Champion of Myanmar project”.

After months of program designing process, Asian Identity and MBL project members gave birth to a program that contains three workshops to generate ideas on MBL’s future Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

The total of 6 workshops were conducted in Yangon head office and Mandalay sales office. Asian Identity consulting team along with 10 local project members facilitated workshops with more than 150 people participating in total.




Through this collaboration between Asian Identity and MBL, we obtain the following result, by gaining strong support of MBL management team, both Myanmar and Japanese



For our consumers – Creating moments for everyone, everywhere.

For our partners – Maximizing your business experience.

For our society – Taking Myanmar society higher


To become and international pride of Myanmar and a valuable part of our consumer’s life, our partner’s business, and our society’s development.

Core values:

CHAMP: Consumer First, Honest Relationship, All Equal, Multinational Image, Progress.


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