Asian Identity | Human Resource Coounsulting Firm

Asian Identity’s goal is to uncover the limitless capabilities in Asian business and its local human resource by maximizing its performance, Strengthen the “Asian-ness” in Asian business.

Our Mission

Our company’s name “Asian Identity” reflects our mission.

  1. To recognize Asian business’s identity; strength and uniqueness, and channel this identity into positive business performance
  2. To help Asian companies go forward together through meaningful collaboration, creating the “Asia is one” age.

We aim to channel these core values into business practices by helping Asian companies operating in Asia to achieve the organizational goal they’re reaching for, gradually strengthen Asian business as a whole.

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  • About Us

    About us

    Asian Identity Co., Ltd. is a Thailand based human resource and organizational development company. We work with top executives and managers from Asian companies in South East Asia to help them improve their organizational performance to meet the result they’re aiming for.

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  • Coporate Profile

    Corporate Profile

    Asian Identity is committed to deliver effective human resource and organizational development services to companies in Asia. Asian Identity has been operating in Thailand since mid-2014 and growing. See below for information about Asian Identity Co., Ltd.

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  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Our team consists of Thai and Japanese consultants with multicultural experiences including professional facilitating partners from other Asian countries, our combination of experience and expertise can greatly add value to your company’s goals.

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