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Manager’s Mindset & Action Workshop for ROHM Semiconductor (Thailand)

January 29, 2016Project

posted by Suphamas Sanphawat

During October 2015 to January 2016, Asian Identity Co., Ltd. provide 2 days Manager’s Mindset and Action Workshop for Rohm Semiconductor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The participants are all in managerial levels who expect to be the next leader of the company.S__2506800

Mr. Surathin Sathitlert, a partnered facilitator from Asian Identity, was the main facilitator of this workshop.  

Rohm Semiconductor is now the producer of world’s first Qi-Certified medium power transmitter reference design. To know more about them, please visit

 What ROHM expect from leader’s levels who expect to be next manager positions in this workshop is to make them recognise the importance of managers’ role and understand management skills. Also to support managers regarding self-improvement, effective communication towards others and strengthen their team management skills.



Asian Identity Co., Ltd. has productively direct the workshop with the professional programs and attitude by focusing on each staff individually. On first workshop day staffs get to know how to proper deal with emotional and logical communication in different scenarios. Moreover, they get to discover their own core strengths which could be use to adapt with daily tasks, team communication, management skills and take it into practice. On second day, participants were asked to present the outcome of how they apply knowledge from previous session to develop their subordinates. Adding with ice breaking activity to work on attitude adjustment.

 From final summary, all participants have learnt their signature themes and could really deploy them into their tasks and assignment more effectively. Plus, the recommended development from our side, Asian Identity which could be used for prioritized for improvement in the future.

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