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Manager Training for Tostem Thai Co.,Ltd.

March 1, 2017Project

posted by Thiranart Napapruekchart

Nowadays in a high and competitive working environment for every industry, economic challenges occurred and labor trends shifting. The human capital in organization is even more defiant to nurture.

Tostem Thai is the only one Japanese aluminum product manufacturing in Thailand under LIXIL Group – the most comprehensive and connected global company in the housing and building industry, whom growing their high concerns about “human development”.

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During July 2016 – January 2017 we, Asian Identity Co., Ltd. provides a series of training to develop managerial levels participant’s skills and get them ready to be the organization’s successors in near future.  


Mr. Ekajit Chamsai, Manager from Asian Identity Co., Ltd. is the main facilitator and consultant for this intensive successor development program.

The expectation of Tostem Thai towards participants in this workshop is to unleash their potentials, strengthen knowledges, then apply and utilize them to company values and real working conditions in aligned.


Asian Identity Co., Ltd. conducted a 2-day accomplished intensive successor development program by focusing on people management and task management. The participants experienced the different perspective of people in an organization, revisited the importance of effective communication and learn how to inter-personally customize them. Furthermore, they get to learn how to manage people in different aspects including self, team and organization through problem solving and interactive development based on real case.

In the final phase, all participants were asked to reflect and attest by contributing and initiating some scheme/activity for further development.


Asian Identity provides consulting and tailor made human resources development program services for future managers and management successors.


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