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Identity Leadership Workshop 2016 (IDL#2 )

November 17, 2016News & Event

posted by Thiranart Napapruekchart


Asian Identity had successfully launched the second batch of  Identity Leadership Workshop (IDL#2) in Thailand during 3 – 5 November 2016 with 18 Thai participants from 7 companies at Asian Identity’s Mirai Room.
This IDL#2 batch was also run and facilitated by Mr.Tetsuo Tsuruta, CEO of SEIN Organization Development Institute from Japan, and translated for Thai participant by Mr. Kantatorn Wannawasu.

IDLeadership WS 2016_1437

During the 3-day workshop, our participants had opened their own self and challenged themselves to create their Identity, together with Vision and strong commitment for each individual constructed life and work path. Through the workshop activities and deep reflections, they had realized and developed their real identity-driven leadership to step forwards vigorously for their own Vision.

IDLeadership WS 2016_4304

Identity Leadership was built through the strong self-driven desire of each participant  for self-improvement and result-commitment. The learning methodologies included group interaction, discovery learning, psychometric tools, and much more.

through deep reflection of their own self

IDLeadership WS 2016_7598

Voices from participants

“Impressive and appreciated experiences to realize my undiscovered self. I can see my own future path clearer to move forward with more confident.”

“I’m able to see and feel myself and the people surrounding me more. To care more of others. To not neglect the significant essence of myself.”

“Thankful for everything, sincerely. I’ll commit more with myself and my work. I will continue improve my own thinking for my own vision.”

“I learned the important of and how to building trust and keep the relationship. “

IDLeadership WS 2016_2181

Asian Identity provides Identity Leadership Workshop both for open workshop on yearly basis and customized workshop for corporate internal training. The workshop is available in Japanese, Thai and English languages. This course is strictly consecutive three full days. For open workshop, please follow our activity announcement through our Facebook channel at
For further inquiries or updates from our team, please drop your e-mail at



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