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New Public Seminar: How to penetrate to candidate’s “Real” – Evidence Based Interview 101

September 20, 2016News & Event

posted by Thiranart Napapruekchart

Asian Identity, together with TalentEX, is holding a new public seminar for recruitment technique:

How to penetrate to candidate’s “Real” – Evidence Based Interview 101


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“Recruitment” is one of the crucial HR activities for building up strong core for any organization. It’s undeniably one of the most important starting point to create identity and shaping the way the organization will be. Finding the right people, to create the right organization and team to achieve your mission.

However, it’s also one of the most difficult HR tasks in business world as well. How can we see through the reality of a number of candidates in front of us with better precision?

Asian Identity with Mr.Toshimitsu Sowa, CEO of Talented People Laboratory Inc. from Japan, will share with us the technique and knowledge for recruiting based on psychology.


Lecture:  How to Penetrate Candidate’s REAL’ “
Lecturer –  Mr.Toshimitsu Sowa, CEO, Talented People Laboratory Inc.

Panel Discussion: “Discover the secrets of successful hiring”
Panelists –  Mr.Toshimitsu  Sowa,            CEO, Talented People Laboratory Inc.
                    Mr.Katsuhiro    Nakamura,  CEO, Asian Identity Co.,Ltd.
                    Mr.Yojiro           Koshi,           CEO, TalentEx (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.    

Date and Time:
October 20, 2016 (Thu) 14.00-17.00 Japanese language session
October 21, 2016 (Fri) 14.00-17.00 Thai language session (Thai interpreters)

Asian Identity “MIRAI” workshop room, Thonglor soi 10

Registration fee:
Advanced registration:      THB 1,000
On-the-date registration:  THB 1,200

Registration and booking:
1. Online registration:
For Japanese session:
For Thai session:
2. E-mail registration and Inquiries:

Download full information leaflet:

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>> Thai language <<

Facebook event:
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For Thai session:

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