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Communication Workshop series for Kokuyo (Thailand)

December 18, 2015Project

posted by Jack Nakamura

During August to September 2015, Asian Identity provided a 4 episodes communication workshop to Kokuyo Thailand Co.,Ltd..


In each episode, the workshop delivered different methods of communication skill including emotional communication and logical communication to Kokuyo staffs. We provided activities, case studies, and discussion to the group of participants.

 Mr.Katsuhiro Nakamura, founder of Asian Identity, facilitated this workshop with Mr.Pongsakorn Chanchaisrisakul, Asian Identity’s senior consultant, as a supporter. 


This workshop we focused on how Kokuyo staffs who work in different departments could communicate and work together efficiently.

As the program went on and on, we could see their development in communication. Their communication became more concise and logical. When they face conflict situation, they could control their temper and know how to consciously solve those conflicts. Not only their relationships at work, but also relationships with customer have become even better than ever.


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